Tarifa Events has exclusive use of this beautiful idyllic chapel. There is no place more romantic to get married than in the little chapel located on the Sierra de Fates mountain ridge, amidst the most beautiful natural landscape. The view is breathtaking: You can see the contrast of the pine forests next to the beach, the jagged gray rocks of the St.Bartolome mountain, the white sandy beaches with the famous sand dunes of Tarifa and shimmering blue Atlantic Ocean with the African continent in the near distance.

How beautiful it is to spend time with all the guests after the ceremony with a toast. This, of course, with a Spanish Cava and tapas such as the world famous Pata Negra ham. Enjoy the sunset together with its unrivaled spectacle of iridescent colours before you leave the mountain on your way to another stunning and unique setting where the dinner and party await you.


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