We work with professional caterers in the area who have consistently delivered over the years. They can accommodate many different styles and types of food working to a broad range of budgets. They can caterer for large and small events, themed occasions, or individual requirements, in virtually every location.

Tarifa Events will work together with you and the caterer to create a custom wedding menu followed by a great party where we set up a bar so your guests can dance and have fun until the early hours. A mojito bar, a contemporary cocktail bar or a margarita bar can be added and of course some midnight snacks cannot be forgotten.

Our caterers work with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Some couples love a formal sit down dinner, and some just want cocktails followed by a barbecue. Over the years a number of our clients have enjoyed having food stations where the chefs are cooking live in front of their guests.

We will send you initial ideas for catering based on our discussions, once you have had a chance to take a look, we meet up to go to what for us is the best part of all, the menu tasting. Why the best? Because we are proud to present you to our supplier who we have known for years and who we know will fulfill all your wishes.

The picture on this page say more than we can ever write about our preferred wedding caterer.


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